【International Cooperation】SUES Held 2017 Sino-Korean Cooperative Education Program Management Committee Meeting


On the afternoon of April 25 and on Changning Campus, SUES and Dongseo University jointly held the management committee meeting for the cooperative undergraduate training  program of Digital Media Art. President Xia Jianguo, Vice President Lu Jiahua and other leaders participated into the meeting, and both sides had an in-depth discussion on adjustment of the joint management committee members, schooling summarization and the vision and prospects for future development.

 Witnessed by the committee members and non-voting delegates at the meeting, the Presidents of the two universities renewed the agreement on cooperative education programs and signed a double-degree joint training program agreement. President Xia Jianguo pointed out at the meeting that the signing of the two agreements was a milestone cooperation between the two universities; the agreements would further the mutual operation and lead the cooperation between two countries to a new era. He also made three expectations on the mutual cooperation programs: first, the rapid development of China's creative industries call for creative talents with international awareness, and the cooperation programs are in line with the requirements of China’s new development; second, the two universities should review and consider the cooperation under the strategy of “one belt and one road” and spare no effort to upgrade the mutual schooling programs; third, he hopes that the two universities should boil down mutual consensus and actively expand the new model of cooperation, so that the mutual cooperation mechanism would bring forth more perfect and fruitful results and brighter prospects.

President Zhang Jiguo said that it was not easy for two universities to maintain a long-standing cooperation for 15 years; Dongseo University was willing to work together with SUES to highly integrate mutual resources and would go to great lengths to upgrade mutual cooperation under the China’s strategy of “one belt and one road”. Ms. Dong Dongshun, chairman of Dongseo University remarked that Digital Media Art Major co-built by two universities is in line with the development needs of the world’s fourth industrial revolution; Dongseo University was confident and willing to joint hands with SUES to make sincere cooperation and seek common development, and actively strive for a leading status in the field of digital media art.

The meeting adopted adjustment of the members of the Joint Management Committee. Prof. Wu Yasheng from SUES, Head of the Program and Professor Jin Chungqi, head of the Program from Dongseo University reported to the Joint Management Committee about the recent school-running conditions and work plan of the Program.

After the meeting, President Zhang Jiguo issued realistic certificates to the graduates from Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design and visited the works exhibition of this year’s graduates.