School of Foreign Studies

4- year undergraduate program; Bachelor of Arts


Features: Translation is an important means for disseminating modern science and technology and different cultures. Translation talents is a general-purpose foreign language talents who are greatly needed in the fields of foreign trade and finance, international scientific research and engineering, international exhibition economy, etc. By virtue of fruitful engineering education resources, the School is designed to train students into high-quality, compound and general-purpose translation talents who: have laid a solid foundation on English and Chinese languages; are proficient in using two languages and at intercultural communication; are competent in working as interpreter and translator for diplomatic agencies, sole proprietorship and joint ventures, overseas agencies/offices, news media, education and scientific research institutions .


Main courses: English Phonetics, Integrated English, Advanced English, Audio-Visual-Oral English, English Writing, Business English, Survey of English-Speaking Countries, History of Western Civilization, Intercultural Communication, Foreign Etiquette, Summary of Chinese Culture, Introduction to Translation, English-Chinese Translation Skills, Chinese-English Translation skills, Technical Translation, Alternate Interpretation, Computer-aided Translation, Translation Criticism and Appreciation, Interpretation, etc.


Employment Orientation: graduates of this Major can engage in interpretation & translation, foreign exchange and foreign affairs management for government departments, foreign-related institutions, foreign trade companies, multinational corporations, cultural tourism departments, press and publishing institutions, educational and scientific research institutions. They may also study further to obtain Master of Arts in Translation (MTI) degree or master degree of Anglo-American Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Diplomacy, Law, Economics, Journalism, Management, Education and other related majors.