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SUES Alumni Association is a social organization working under the leadership of SUES. The chairman of Alumni Association is the president of SUES.

The Alumni Association plays an active role as a bridge between alumni and alma mater, continuously strengthening its ties among alumni, serving alumni and alma mater. Meanwhile, the Alumni Association actively assists to establish alumni organizations in many places and industries. At present, more than ten alumni branches have been established overseas.

The main duties of SUES Alumni Association are as follows: (1) to widely introduce and publicize the development of the university to the general alumni and the society; (2) to strengthen ties between the university and the society; (3) to further promote feelings and communications; (4) to actively explore a variety of channels; (5) to push multifaceted cooperation between the school and the community; (6) to provide training, education, scientific and technological cooperation for the nation’s economic construction; (7) and to seek support and help from the society for the development of educational cause of our university.

Those who have studied and worked in SUES can apply for the membership from the Alumni Association. We warmly welcome those who are working in all walks of life to join us. Together with alma mater, we will make great contributions to the nation’s economic and social development, and to the educational cause of alma mater!


SUES Alumni Association

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