Qu Hongjian


Personal Information

Qu Hongjian, Male, Ph.D, Associate Professor, School of Fashion college, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. +86-21-67791393, quhongjian0451@126.com.

Research Fields: marketing management

Specialty of Interest

1Clothing industry

2clothing marketing

3the management of clothing enterprises

Research Achievements


1. Qu hongjian Sun minggui. Study on the Relationship between Franchise Value and Single Bank Stability [J]. Journal of Finance and Economics, 2010, 12: 62-71.

2. Qu hongjian, Sun minggui, Zhang Xiangxian. Franchise Value, Corporate Governance and Bank Stability-Perspective of franchise value and corporate governance interaction [J]. Finance and Trade Research, 2013, 5: 120-130.

3. Qu hongjian, Zhang Xiangxian, Wang Yuming. Franchise Value, Implicit Insurance and Bank Stability-Based on Chinese listed banks’ empirical test [J]. Journal of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, 2013, 4: 120-127.

4. QU Hongjian, TUO zhong. Synergy Innovation Model Review and Prospects [J]. Journal of Industrial Technological Economics, 2013, 7: 132-142.


1. Franchise Value, Corporate Governance Mechanism and Bank Stability

Granting AgencyHumanities and social science fund project of Ministry of Education

2. Textile and garment digital distribution, retail systems basing on RFID and CRM R & D and industrialization promotion application

Granting Agency: Shanghai Textile Holding Group Co., Ltd.