SUES holds the 2024 Chinese New Year Celebration Party for Students Staying on Campus

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On February 2nd (the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month), in order to make students who stayed on campus during winter vacation have a happy, peaceful, and warm lunar New Year holiday, SUES held a grand New Year celebration party at the restaurant. Li Jiang, Secretary of the CPC SUES Committee,Yu Tao, SUES President, Shi Jianyong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC SUES Committee, Vice President Zhu Xiaoqing, Vice President Xia Chunming, heads of relevant functional departments, faculty representatives, and students staying on campus gathered together to welcome the Chinese New Year holiday.


Student representatives presented Spring Festival couplets to SUES. Secretary Li Jiang and the students worked together to add a significant touch to the character “” (fortune), wishing all teachers and students the best in the new year and encouraging them to work hard and make progress.


President Yu Tao delivered a congratulatory message for the Chinese New Year, and on behalf of SUES, he extended sincere New Year greetings to all students! He reviewed the impressive achievements of SUES in 2023 and hoped to achieve good results in applying for doctoral programs and hosting the World Five-a-side Football Championship in 2024.


SUES leaders presented New Year Gift Packages and New Year Meal Vouchers to the students. Students expressed their gratitude for SUES’ attentive care, and the festive atmosphere permeated the entire venue, while strong friendships filled the campus of SUES with warmth and joy.


In a warm and joyful atmosphere, SUES leaders, together with teachers and students who stayed on campus, enjoyed a New Year banquet and appreciated a variety of performances including classical dance and brass ensemble. Immersed in the experience, teachers and students fully enjoyed an intellectually rich, scientifically engaging, and culturally heartfelt SUES Spring Festival Gala.

At the gathering, a New Year Market was set up, where teachers and students wrote couplets, wrote the Chinese character “” (fortune), sewed sachets, cut window flowers, and experienced the fun of traditional puzzle toys (such as Lu Ban Lock and Jiu Lianhuan). It was a great pleasure. After the Spring Festival banquet, they watched the classic Chinese New Year film The Dream Factory. SUES encourages students who stay on campus to call their parents, report their safety, and convey the joy of the Spring Festival and the care from SUES with their families.


During the winter vacation, SUES will try to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere to ensure that students who stay on campus have a happy, peaceful, and warm Spring Festival holiday.