SUES insists on discipline-led development and continues to enhance the core innovation of scientific research. The disciplines of engineering and material science rank among the top 1% of the world in ESI; SUES comes with 1 Class III peak discipline and 1 Class IV peak discipline in Shanghai; there are 15 provincial discipline research platforms such as Collaborative Innovation Center, R & D Public Service Platform, Engineering and Technology Research Center, University Think Tanks, and so on; and there are advanced research institutes to gather high-end talent teams to create a scientific research zone.


SUES actively integrates into the development strategy of the country and the Shanghai region, and continues to enhance its ability to serve the economic, scientific, technological and social development of the region. Since 2016, SUES faculty and staff have received a total of 148 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one of which is a key project. Projects approved in 2020 include: scientific and technological Innovation 2030-New Generation of Artificial Intelligence; 39 projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation; one key Project of philosophy and social science research of the Ministry of Education; one key project of the national education and science planning; 5 national art fund projects and more than 400 provincial and ministerial projects. It has successively won 24 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and 11 provincial and ministerial philosophy and society awards, including 2 first prizes at the provincial and ministerial level. More than 2700 patents have been granted.