SUES has a high-level basketball team and a football team.Students take part in many competitions domestic and abroad every year. The students’ sports teams have achieved good results in track and field championships, basketball matches, football matches, badminton matches, table tennis matches, taekwondo, orienteering, cycling, rock climbing and other sports.

High level sportsteam

SUES was approved by the Ministry of Education to run a high-level sports team on a trial basis in August 2005. There are two projects: basketball and football. At present, SUES have two high-level sports teams: Men's basketball and men's football. There are more than 50 players in training, all the players are the students of School of Management Studies, SUES.


Established in 2000, the men's basketball team has been among the best in Shanghai college basketball competitions for many years. It has continuously participated in the Southeast Division of CUBA national college basketball league on behalf of Shanghai colleges and universities in 2002, and won the top 12 in the Southeast Division of the National College Basketball League in 2014.


The men's football team was established in 2003. Through the efforts of all the coaches, it has developed rapidly. The team has a suitable team construction structure and has a relatively fixed team lineup and tactical routines. The team's own development has entered a high-level development stage of standardization, systematization and specialization, formed the team spirit of unity, endeavor and progress, and has repeatedly achieved good results in domestic and foreign competitions.

Highlevel basketball team


Amateur competition team

In order to better promote the development of sports at SUES, enable students to better display their sports talents, bring glory to the University and promote the development of “sunshine sports” at SUES, the physical education department began to prepare for the establishment of amateur sports teams in March 2014, including track and field team, men's basketball, women's basketball, men's football, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis team, badminton, volleyball, Long distance running team, dragon dance, aerobics, cheerleading and American football. Common college students participate in after-school training and participate in various amateur student group competitions in Shanghai and the country on behalf of SUES. The coaches of the representative teams are front-line teachers of the Ministry of sports and have good professional quality. SUES sports team has repeatedly achieved good results in various competitions, which has continuously improved the social influence and reputation of the University.

Amateur men’s basketball team

Amateur women's basketball team

Amateur men's football team

Amateur table tennis team

Amateur Taekwondo team

Amateur track and field team

Amateur badminton team

Amateur student volleyball team

Amateur running team

Amateur dragon dance team

Amateur aerobics (cheerleading) team

Amateur American football team

Student sports associations

The management of sports associations at SUES implements a new model of registration of the Youth League Committee and management of the Ministry of sports. The number of sports associations is gradually increasing, the types of activities are increasing, and the quality of activities is gradually improving. At present, there are 32 sports associations, and about 3000 people participate in community activities every week. Under the overall planning of the association department, in recent years, large association activities such as Sports Association week and Sports Association Carnival have been held, which have been widely praised. Student sports associations have played a positive role in enriching campus sports culture and student sports foreign exchange.



Names of Communities

Sizes of Communities


Cycling Club


Gymnasium 2 / F

Taekwondo Club


Training room of West Playground

Basketball Association


West Basketball Court

SUES Dragon Dance Club


Gymnasium 1 / F

Rock Climbing Club


Climbing room

Karate Club


Gymnasium 1 / F

Billiards Club


Jingwu club


Gymnasium 2 / F

Volleyball Club


West Playground Volleyball Court

Skating Club



Table Tennis Association


West Playground Table Tennis room

Dance Sport Club


Gymnasium 1/ F

Tennis Club


tennis court

Taijiquan Club


Gymnasium No.   6 Gate

Kendo Club


Gymnasium 1 / F

Badminton Club


Gymnasium 2 / F

Bow and Arrow Club


room 101 Under the Bleachers of West Playground

Capture and Wrestle Club


Under the Bleachers of West Playground

Bamboo Dance Club


Under the Bleachers of West Playground

Kite Club


Small playground

Swimming Club


Songjiang Sports Center

Live CS Field Combat Club


West Playground

Roller Skating Club


East playground

Baseball Club


West   Playground

Skate Club


Gymnasium No. 2 Gate

Yoga Club


Teacher-student activity center B208

Football Club


to be decided

Cheerleading   Club



Frisbee Club


West Playground

 Military Club


West Playground

Man’s Drift Board Club


Small Square in front of the Gym