Music Festival Rocked Campus Lawn

Release time:2024-04-30Views:10

On April 27th, a lawn music festival was held as scheduled in the west playground of Songjiang Campus. The event attracted more than 2000 teachers and students to participate in this music feast full of youthful vitality. This activity not only showed the students’ musical talent, but also reflected the energetic spirit of young SUESers.

With the bell ring at six o’clock in the evening, the audience entered the lawn one after another, and the music festival kicked off. The opening piece was a vocal piece by two students from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, which ignited the atmosphere.

The festival brought together bands and singers from different colleges and societies, who showed their musical talents with a variety of music styles, such as old-fashioned Chinese music, pop music, rock and roll, and ballads.

The audience waved the glow sticks to the beat of the music. The atmosphere was warm and cheerful.

The lawn music festival ended successfully with the chorus of the student union and singers of SUES, as mascot Little Orange interacted with the audience. Many teachers and students said that this music festival not only let them enjoy the beauty of music, but also feel the vigor and passion of youth.

Let's look forward to the next lawn music festival and feel the infinite possibilities brought by music again!