Department of Physical Education

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The Department of Physical Education is one of the teaching institutions directly under the Shanghai University of Engineering Science. It mainly undertakes physical education teaching, scientific research of physical education, organization of mass sports activities, and high-level sports teams training. It consists of two teaching and research sections, one sports competition section, and the CPC office. The SUES Sports Economic Management Research Center was established in 2019. There are 44 faculty members, including 38 full-time PE teachers, two professors, 11 associate professors, 23 lecturers, two teaching assistants, three teachers with doctoral degrees (four Ph.D. candidates), and 32 teachers with master's degrees. All teachers under the age of 35 have a master's degree. There are 29 CPC members, one international and one national athlete, one international referee and two national referees, two with study abroad experience, and nearly 20 with short-term study abroad experience.


The University's sports venues' total area is 93,951 square meters, including 14,793 square meters of indoor venues and 79,158 square meters of outdoor venues. There are two stadiums, three track and field courts, 12 outdoor basketball courts, eight volleyball courts, five tennis courts, two futsal courts, and one golf practice range. There are also climbing walls, archery ranges, aviation sports practice fields, table tennis rooms, gymnastics rooms, gyms, and other indoor and outdoor teaching venues that meet the needs of more than 20,000 students in the University.


There are nine teaching research teams. The professors and associate professors all offer courses for students. The department offers 45 compulsory courses and 46 elective courses, which provide students with more choices for learning and mastering sports science theories and skills. Since 2016, as the first batch of individualized curriculum reform pilot units in Shanghai, the department has scientifically constructed a multi-dimensional target system for physical education. The government and experts recognized this physical education model, and it won the second prize of Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievements in 2017. The department established a student physical health testing laboratory, responsible for organizing nearly 20,000 college students to participate in testing the National Student Physical Health Standard, collecting college students' physical health test data in time, and reporting them on time.


In recent years, the department has hosted the National University Futsal Finals, the Chinese Football Association Futsal Super League National Finals, the Chinese University Students 3 v. 3 Basketball League National Finals, the Shanghai University Bicycle Championships, Shanghai University Students Orienteering Championships, Shanghai University Triathlon Championship and many other events. Notably, in 2019, the department won the right to host the 2022 World University Futsal Championship.


Shanghai University of Engineering Science is a high-level sports team building university approved by the Ministry of Education for men's and women's football and basketball. The sports teams have participated in many domestic and foreign competitions and have won awards. The men's football team, which represented China in the 32nd Pan-Baltic University Games in May 2016, won the runner-up in the indoor futsal game, the runner-up in the China University Futsal Finals in December 2018, and the runner-up in the 2019 China Football Association Futsal Association Cup in June. The men's basketball team has repeatedly qualified for the CUBA Shanghai division selection competition, participated in the Southeast Division competition, participated in the Chinese college students 3 v. 3 basketball competition in the Shanghai division competition, and won the championship and top three many times.


There are 14 Sunshine Sports Teams, which organize more than three training sessions a week. They have achieved positive results in the Songjiang University Town Games, Shanghai, and the individual national championships. The Student Sports Association, established in 2014, carries out various tasks of Sunshine Sports. The Student Sports Association has successively cultivated more than 300 students with a strong sense of responsibility, outstanding coordination skills, and excellent management capabilities. They have guided sports clubs to carry out various sports activities and organized the Sports Association Week activities. This semester, they hosted five events in the CAC Challenge Cup, with 3,000 students involved.