Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design

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In 2003, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and East West University of South Korea jointly developed the undergraduate education program of art design (Multimedia Design) (Sino-Korean cooperation). This program is also the first undergraduate program of the Sino-foreign cooperation multimedia program in China. The program implements the 3 + 1 training mode. The students study at Shanghai University of Engineering Science for three years and study at East and West University of Korea for one year. After four years of study, students can obtain a bachelor's degree issued by Shanghai University of Engineering Science (Realism certificate) and course certificate of East West University of Korea. So far, we have successfully trained seven years of graduates to serve Shanghai's cultural creative industries.


Since the School's establishment, foreign teachers have a broad international vision and rich practical experience. Each year, East West University of South Korea provides more than 20 professional teachers (about ten foreign teachers who have long served in Shanghai University of Engineering Science). Through domestic visiting scholars, foreign core courses, and practice programs, the faculty of SUES have a foreign learning background, and more than half of the teachers have a practice background. Meanwhile, we employ double qualified teachers, industry elites, and enterprise experts as external or visiting professors to inject new vitality into talent cultivation.


Under the guidance of the teaching concept of combining art, science, and technology with industry, the School closely follows the development trend of international digital media, actively grafts foreign high-quality education resources, and strengthens professional characteristics. Simultaneously, it effectively exploits and utilizes the professional advantages of the Chinese teachers' team, strengthens the complementary advantages of both courses, and enhances the complementarity of theory and practice.


Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology of China and East West University of South Korea jointly run an undergraduate education program of art and design (Multimedia Design). After more than ten years of effort, it has been recognized by the public and gradually developed into a cradle for training excellent multimedia designers.