School of Material Engineering

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The School of Material Engineering was founded in 1978, formerly known as the hot processing teaching and research section of the mechanical and electrical branch of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It has four undergraduate majors: Material Science & Engineering, Material Forming & Control Engineering, Welding Technology & Engineering, and Electronic Packaging. It also has one master's degree authorization of Material Science & Engineering of Grade A discipline, which has been approved as a class III peak discipline of the Shanghai Education Commission. The School has the Material Engineering Center laboratory, the laser Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Shanghai high-intensity laser intelligent processing equipment key technology at the Industry-University-Research Development Center.


The School has a team of academics with proper structure in knowledge, educational background, and age. There are 94 faculty and staff, including 76 faculty members. 97% of full-time teachers have doctoral degrees, including 11 professors and 28 associate professors. The School has successfully undertaken national and provincial scientific research projects and projects trusted by large and medium-sized backbone enterprises. We have established a strategic alliance with relevant enterprises to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We have obtained several scientific research achievements, such as the Shanghai Science and technology progress award, and obtained many technical patents. The School focuses on cultivating application-oriented engineering and technical personnel with innovative consciousness engaging in design, manufacturing, research, development, and operation management in research and application of high energy beam processing on the material surface, material forming and control engineering, welding technology and engineering, electronic packaging, research and application of thin-film materials by taking the organization structure, performance and use, design, preparation and processing of materials as the mainline. In teaching, we pay attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive knowledge application, practice, and innovative thinking ability, and have obtained many excellent courses and teaching achievements. In the past five years, the employment rate of graduates has been over 98%.