College of International Education

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The College of International Education (CIE) is a unit directly under the SUES administration devoted to international student education, management, and international program development. The CIE is committed to implementing SUES' globalization strategy by taking international student cultivation as the centricity, promoting Sino-foreign cooperative education programs as the platform, and developing international cooperation projects as the focus.


Among the first universities approved by the Ministry of Education of China to receive international students, SUES has been enrolling international students since 1989. Students can apply for multiple education programs through the CIE, including English-taught and Chinese-taught undergraduate programs, Chinese-taught graduate programs, Chinese Language and Culture Programs, and short-term exchange programs. As a university accepting international students on Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship, in 2019, the CIE served nearly 1,000 international students from Germany, the United States, Japan, Russia, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries and regions.


The CIE consists of the Office of General Affairs, Office of International Programs, and Office of International Students. Up to now, the CIE has launched one Sino-Sweden joint doctoral program, three international joint labs, eight Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, and three English-taught undergraduate programs for international students. Adhering to the ethos of promoting international development with student-centricity, the CIE is committed to creating a supportive learning and living environment for all international students and furthering international collaboration and exchange in a more open attitude.