School of Urban Railway Transportation

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1. Brief Introduction

With the help of Shanghai Shentong Metro, Shanghai University of Engineering Science established an Industry-University-Research strategic alliance to adapt to the rapid development of Shanghai and China's Urban Railway Transportation and to promote the cultivation of talents. On 22 January 2005, SUES' School of Urban Railway Transportation was founded, with its own Council, Academic Committee, and professional board. There are four undergraduate majors in the School: Vehicle Engineering, Communication Signal, Operation Management, and Traffic Engineering. The School has also established a master's program in Operation Management. There are more than 1,680 students in the School.


The School of Urban Railway Transportation has become an essential base for the training of highly skilled personnel in Railway Transportation, aided by the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Shentong Metro, the SUES leaders, and experts. The School has the advantage of the platform of Industry-University-Research strategic alliance. Through its excellent faculty and superior facilities, the School of Urban Railway Transportation has undertaken a state-level engineering practice education center, the first batch of pilot units of Outstanding Engineer Education and Training Program of the Ministry of Education in China; the top ten off-campus practice bases for students in Shanghai and the Shanghai experimental teaching demonstration center.


2.Program features

The School of Urban Railway Transportation has built the three collaboratives mode as its program features: collaborative education, collaborative cultivation, and collaborative innovation. Utilizing the Industry-University-Research strategic alliance training mode and the training platform of the Outstanding Engineer Education program, the School attracts great students. Additionally, the School offers the teachers to exchange assignment to another post in Shanghai Shentong Metro, a regular transfer for gaining experience, to ensure the high quality of teachers and the education. With the support from SUES and the board of Shanghai Shentong Metro, the School of Urban Railway Transportation was founded in 2005, establishing a modern engineering application-oriented university. The School went through three stages: construction, development, and promotion. The foundation of the School has achieved comprehensive strategic cooperation. The School actively promotes the urban railway transportation industry's economy, established in Shanghai but facing the whole country. Furthermore, the School's function is to cultivate applied senior engineers required for urban railway transportation operation and maintenance. The School has its campus and off-campus experimental bases to provide classroom training and laboratory training to students.


3. Institutional structure

The administrations and departments of the School of Urban Railway Transportation are the vehicle engineering department, communication signal department, operation management department, traffic engineering department, central laboratory, the office of student affairs, and the office of the School of urban railway transportation. The Party organization of the School consists of staff Party branches, student Party branches, and graduate student Party branches. The School also has an innovation center of railway transportation operation safety inspection and assessment service in Shanghai, a research center of rail transportation vibration and noise control technology engineering, with two teams of Distinguished Experts.


The School of Urban Railway Transportation follows SUES's policies, enhances its professional construction, and has attained excellent achievements in every respect with the joint efforts of both SUES and Shanghai Shentong Metro. Among the 97 faculty members, 64 of them possess doctoral degrees; there are two national experts, eight professors, 23 associate professors, and six academic leaders in the School.