School of Textiles and Fashion

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The School of Fashion Engineering (SFE) is a multidisciplinary and coordinated school-based on textile, fashion engineering technology, art design, management, and some others. Relying on industry to serve Shanghai's economic development is the educational mission of the SFE. The educational principle is the Tri-Cooperative Mode, which consists of cooperative education, cooperative school-running, and collaborative innovation with industries. The SFE is committed to cultivating many high-level applied talents with solid specialized knowledge and practical abilities, possessing international sights, innovative thoughts, and teamwork spirits.


The SFE consists of three departments, two offices, and one central laboratory: the Fashion Design and Engineering department, the Fashion Art department and Textile Engineering department, the office of SFE, and the office of student affairs. The SFE has established one master's program in Textile Science and Engineering authorized in the first-level discipline, four master's programs authorized in second-level disciplines, and four majors for four-year undergraduate program: Fashion Design and Engineering, Textile Engineering, Fashion and Costume Design and Performance (fashion show planning). Additionally, there are more than ten laboratories and research centers in the School with various functions.


Over the past five years, the SFE has attained achievements in teaching, scientific research, discipline construction, and international communication. The School has received more than 20 awards, including the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, Shanghai Technology Invention Award, a prize for progress in Science and Technology of China National Textile and Apparel Council, and Grand Prize of Exhibition area colleges and universities of China International Industry Fair. The School actively promotes international cooperation, carries out the 1+1+1 master's program and 3+1 bachelor's program. Strong strategic alliances have been established between the SFE and enterprises, including Orient International, Shanghai Baromon, and some other industry clusters in the Yangtze River delta area. Nearly 10,000 talented engineers and designers have been sent to these enterprises by the SFE, and they receive positive reactions from their employers.