Shanghai 2024 FISU World University Championship Futsal

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On June 13, the Cultural Experience Day of the Shanghai 2024 FISU World University Championship Futsal was successfully held in Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park! More than 400 coaches, athletes, referees, and officials from the FISU and the CSSF, representing 21 teams from 16 countries and regions gathered at Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park. They visited the Guangfulin Archaeological Museum and the Guangfulin Underwater Museum, participated in experiencing traditional intangible cultural heritage projects, and engaged in traditional cultural student club activities, experiencing the charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Through the Cultural Experience Day activities, representatives of athletes from various countries (regions) and young university students deepened their friendships and promoted cultural exchanges.

It is reported that during this cultural experience day, 13 theme booths from Songjiang District, Shanghai of intangible cultural heritage projects, showcasing traditional Chinese art, such as Chinese knot button making, Suzhou embroidery, gold inlaying and gem mounting, Shanghai paper cutting, Yexie bamboo weaving, Songjiang lacquer carving, and handball making, will demonstrate a new charm of Oriental art to the world's university students.

In the student club exhibition area, the exhibition areas of Shanghai International Studies University, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, and other universities brought unique artistic experiences such as Han costume, Chinese costume, Chinese painting and paper cutting to everyone. Many athletes came forward to try on traditional Chinese costumes and experience the beauty of Chinese art.

Our university's 33 student clubs, including palette knife oil painting, tie-dye, and loong dance, fully demonstrated the charm of traditional culture. In the experience area, many athletes tried their hand at experiencing intangible cultural heritage projects. Our university's loong dance club, bamboo dance club, and pitch-pot club also provided rich experience activities for the athletes in the interactive area.

The hosting of the event helps to promote the deep integration of education and sports, vigorously promote the prosperous development of campus sports culture, better inherit the sports spirit, help students enjoy the fun of sports, strengthen their physique, improve their personality, and exercise their will. The cultural experience activities during the event help spread Chinese culture, tell Chinese stories well, showcase the unique charm of Chinese culture and the city image of Shanghai, enhance the international community's understanding and recognition of Chinese excellent culture and modern development, enhance friendship and cooperation with youthful vitality, and gather positive energy for the international community.