A Cooperation Negotiation and Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement Held between SUES and Hong Kong VTC

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On June 18, a delegation led by Dr. Michael WANG Jianguo, Deputy Executive Director of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) of Hong Kong, paid a visit to SUES. SUES President Yu Tao and Vice President Xia Chunming received the distinguished guests at Conference Room 204 of the Administrative Building. Directors of the President’s Office, the Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs, School of Air Transportation (School of Flying), and School of Higher Vocational Education also attended the meeting.

President Yu Tao warmly welcomed Dr. Michael WANG Jianguo and his delegation, and introduced the general situation of SUES from the perspectives of historical evolution, discipline setting, academic features, student and faculty scales, international exchanges, and cooperation with enterprises. He emphasized the advantages of SUES in multiple disciplines such as engineering, management, and arts, and the achievements SUES has made as a high-level local applied university in recent years. He pointed out that SUES offers education of various levels including vocational education, and that the VTC has outstanding performance and rich experience in vocational education, which is highly compatible with SUES’ academic disciplines and educational philosophy, thus offering broad prospects for cooperation.


Dr. Michael WANG Jianguo expressed sincere gratitude for the warm reception from SUES, and introduced the development history, unique features, and innovative measures in vocational education of the VTC. Dr. WANG stated that the Vocational Training Council is currently focusing on building an aviation and maritime education center, hoping to exchange and learn from us in the areas of digital applications in the future. He mentioned that both sides can meanwhile engage in extensive multi-level student and faculty exchanges and cooperation in areas such as design, information technology, etc. Through such interactions, not only can the international vision and practical skills of students be enhanced, but it will also help promote friendship and understanding between the two sides.


During the meeting, both sides had in-depth communication on cooperation at the vocational college and undergraduate levels, stressing that they can explore new cooperation paths in areas such as vocational bachelor’s degrees, professional certification, and development of vocational skill standards. In terms of talent training models, by conducting faculty training and joint student training, efforts will be made to cultivate more high-quality talents that meet the needs of Hong Kong and mainland enterprises.


The two sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding, formally establishing a partnership, which will help foster high-quality vocational and technical skilled talents, and promote educational and scientific research development.


During the visit, Dr. WANG Jianguo and his delegation visited School of Management Studies, School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, School of Urban Railway Transportation, School of Air Transportation (School of Flying), and School of Higher Vocational Education, visiting relevant laboratories and gaining a detailed understanding of latest teaching and research achievements of SUES.


This visit has deepened mutual understanding and clarified the future direction of cooperation. SUES will work hand in hand with the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council to make active contributions to the development of education in both places.