Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs of Weber State University Visited SUES

Release time:2024-06-20Views:11

On June 19, Dr. Ravi Krovi, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs of Weber State University visited SUES. Vice President of SUES Xia Chunming received him at Conference Room 204 of the Administration Building. Heads of International Cooperation and Exchange Office and School of Foreign Languages attended the meeting.

Xia Chunming warmly welcomed Ravi Krovi and briefly introduced SUES’ setting of faculties and departments, the scale of teachers and students, and the internationalization development. Xia emphasized the University's characteristics of running school with engineering specialties, distinctive features of management and art, coordinated development of multiple disciplines, as well as the mode of university-industry cooperation in running school. He pointed out that SUES attaches great importance to exchanges with American universities, and hopes that through cooperation between the two sides, we can promote positive interaction between Chinese and American teachers and students, and build a broad platform for the academic careers and personal development of teachers and students of the two countries.

Ravi Krovi expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the hospitality of SUES and indicated that Weber State University has a lot in common with SUES in the areas of industry-university cooperation and interdisciplinary specialty construction, and that the two universities have a wide range of prospects for cooperation in the fields of engineering, foreign language disciplines and short-term programs for students, and he hoped that both sides would start the exchange of faculty and students and other forms of cooperation as soon as possible.


SUES and Weber State University established an inter-university partnership in 2019. In the same year, four students from School of Foreign Languages were sent to Weber State University to participate in the undergraduate program with mutual recognition of credits. They gave positive comments and feedback on the program experience. It is believed that the visit of Provost Ravi Krovi will help the two universities to enhance communication, drive academic cooperation with student programs, and create more opportunities for cooperation that will benefit students and faculty from both sides.