The Famous Calligraphers Visited SUES

Release time:2020-12-21Views:69

Calligraphy has a long history and is a traditional art based on Chinese characters, and a treasure of Chinese traditional culture. The process of practicing, creating, and appreciating calligraphy is not only a process of perceiving and creating beauty, but also a process of perceiving, appreciating, and passing on the profound Chinese culture.

On December 21st, a calligraphic event was held at SUES. It was a section of the project Calligraphers Coming to Campus. Several distinguished calligraphers and numerous calligraphy lovers took part in the event at SUES. The calligraphers included Chao Yukui, the vice-chairman of Shanghai Calligraphers Association, and Peng Yefeng, the chairman of Songjiang District Calligraphers Association and the curator of Dong Qichang Chinese Tradition Calligraphy and Painting Art Museum. The participants were fascinated by the beauty of calligraphy and immersed in the cultural atmosphere of SUES. This event helped faculty and students learn about traditional culture, broaden their horizons, and improve their appreciation of the art of calligraphy.