SUES 12 disciplines are newly selected as the first-class undergraduate major construction sites

Publisher:冯洁Release time:2021-03-26Views:12

According to the Notice of National and Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites in 2020 announced by Ministry of Education, recently, five SUES undergraduate programs are selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction sites: Vehicle Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Business Administration, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Seven are selected as Shanghai first-class undergraduate majors construction sites: Engineering in Automation, Management in Tourism, Information Management and Information System, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Art and Tech, Aircraft Design and Engineering and Textile Engineering.

Since “Double Ten Thousand Plan” on first-class undergraduate major construction was launched by Ministry of Education in 2019, SUES has actively carried out the standards of first-class undergraduate majors, promotes the construction of majors and enhances disciplines connotations continuously. So far, SUES has achieved a total of 7 national and 11 Shanghai first-class undergraduate major construction sites.