SUES holds 2021 "Chengqing Cup" Tennis Tournament

Release time:2021-04-09Views:10

The first Chengqing Cup Tennis Tournament was held on the Songjiang campus, which was hosted by SUES Youth League Committee, Labor Union and Physical Education Department and co-organized by SUES Student Union, Teacher Tennis Association, and Student Tennis Club. SUES President Yu Tao, also deputy secretary of the Party committee, attended the opening ceremony. Liu Rurong, executive vice chairman of SUES Labor Union, Zhang Jianxin, director of the Physical Education Department, and all players attended the event. The opening ceremony was presided over by Dong Yiyi, secretary of SUES Youth League Committee.


At the opening ceremony, President Yu announced the opening of the tennis tournament, and kicked off the game. He hopes that everyone will show Excellent performance in the fair competition, and fully demonstrate the spirit of SUES teachers and students, who are tenacious, hardworking and brave enough to challenge. He wishes all the athletes excellent results, and wishes this tennis tournament a complete success.


Liu Rurong, vice chairman of SUES Labor Union, delivered an opening speech, the leaders presented the sports equipment to representatives of athletes. Chu Xinyu, deputy director of the Physical Education Department, announced the rules and procedures of this tennis tournament.