Crazy roller-skating community

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Crazy roller-skating community, established in 2003, belongs to the earliest ones on campus and has endowed with the title of campus star community.


The main practice skills for roller-skating include skating around the piles in various patterns and brake stop with multiple styles. The activity site is the small playground next to the east playground. The most popular words of praise for the community shared by all the members are that “The small playground, the place where the dream begins. As long as you love roller skating, every night the playground is your happiest place!”


In addition to the skill, you can also harvest other things such as friendship here, the sense of caring.We members are singing and playing every night and those who leave the playground last is surely to be our community’s members on the small playground. Crazy roller-skating community is the ideal place for your rest and joys after the heavy coursework in the day time.