Mac Model Community

Release time:2021-04-21Views:34

Mac Model Community was an association established for those who love models and hand-made models on campus. There are a lot of different activities for the members in the community. For example, there are model making, model spraying, experiences sharing, 3-D modeling construction and so on. Both beginners and skilled modelers can achieve a lot of happiness and benefit a lot from the activities. At the same time, there are spray-painted equipment for members to color their own models. In addition, there are many experienced members helping new members and providing them with advice and experience in the community. There are many different kinds of models in the community, such as Gundam Plastic Models, ship models, car models, civil models, GK models, etc. Besides, there are many exchange activities for the community members concerning the models and the photos of them.All in all, everyone who has their own hobbies can find the suitable communities and enjoy them respectively.