A Hundred Years of Struggles and a New Journey of Dreams--Commencement 2021 Held in Shanghai University of Engineering Science

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On the morning of June 6, the commencement and degree conferment ceremony of SUES was held at the gymnasium of the SUES Songjiang campus, where all the university leaders, representatives of teachers and 5819 graduates witnessed the glorious moment and enjoyed the highlights of youth together. A Hundred Years of Struggles and a New Journey of Dreams is the theme of this grant ceremony.

Li Jiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, and Yu Tao, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the University, turned the tassels for the outstanding graduates of Shanghai one by one and awarded the diploma and degree certificates. They also took a photo with the graduates and shared the joy of graduation moment together.

On behalf of the University, Secretary Li Jiang accepted the painting A glimpse of ChengYuan, a lifetime of memories presented to their alma mater by the retired graduates from the School of Art and Design. The painting conveys a lifetime of love, full of the graduates' memories of ChengYuan --- the SUES Songjiang campus, and the best wishes and gratitude to the university.

President Yu Tao extended his congratulations to all graduates of the year 2021 who have completed their studies and are about to start a new journey in life. He pointed out that the year 2021 is to turn over an important page in history, and that standing at the historical intersection of two hundred years, the graduates of 2021 is a young generation born at the right time and a strong generation with a promising future.

Zhu Xiaoqing, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, presided over the ceremony.

And then Vice President Xia Chunming read out the Decision of Degree Evaluation Committee of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology on Awarding Master's Degree and Bachelor's Degree.

Mr. Dai Liu, one of the first batch of graduates, member of the Standing Committee of the 15th Shanghai People's Congress, leading member of the Finance and Economy Committee of the Shanghai People's Congress, and chairman of the Shanghai Robotics Industry Association, gave a speech to all graduates.

Professor Sheng Xiaozhen from the School of Urban Railway Transportation spoke on behalf of all the teachers.

Wang Zelin, the Executive Chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Students and a graduate of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering majoring in Vehicle Engineering, spoke on behalf of all undergraduate graduates.

Zhou Yingxue, a graduate of the School of Management Studies majoring in Business Administration, who is the winner of the Star of Chinese Students' Self-improvement of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Federation of Students, and an outstanding volunteer of the 2020 Western Program for University Students, spoke on behalf of all postgraduate graduates.

The art group of the university brought a wonderful performance.

The commencement 2021 of SUES ended successfully with the Graduation Song. The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary for the Foundation of the Communist Party of China. Young and excellent as the Party is, the young generation of China should struggle and pursue their dreams, following the Party’s footsteps. The alma mater sincerely hopes that the graduates will sow their youthful ideals in the broad fertile soil of the times and continue to write the story of their youth that spans a century of greatness.