International Students at SUES studied and discussed on President Xi’s Letter to International Students of Peking University

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On June 21, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and China President, replied a letter to the international students of Peking University, encouraging them to gain a deeper understanding of China as it really is, urging them to share their thoughts and experiences with more people and play an active role in promoting friendship between people of all countries. General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply aroused heated discussion among teachers and students of Shanghai University of Engineering Science. On June 24th, a meeting on General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply letter to international students of Peking University was held at College of International Education. Counselors and teachers from School of Management Studies and School of Foreign Languages along with 12 international student representatives from 6 majors attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Wang Qin, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and Head of College of International Education, discussed the Xi's reply letter with the students and shared her own feelings. She hoped that students could go out and see more and share what they have seen and heard in China with their families and friends.

Teachers and students exchange their stories and ideas one after another:

MAMAN RABIOU ABDOU YAHOUZA, Nigerien, graduate student of School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

After reading General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply letter to Peking University students, as an international student, I would like to thank China for providing us with a safe environment. When I came here to study, I found that people are very friendly to international students, especially the teachers of Shanghai University of Engineering Science. I suggest that international students should learn more about China, which can help them understand Chinese culture and tradition. I also hope that international students can visit more parts of China and visit the historical and cultural places of interest in China.

MICHEL SAIDMIHIDJAHI NAOUMI MARCY, Comorian, undergraduate of School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

As an international student, I would like to thank the Chinese government for offering us protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. I started to study in China because I like China. After coming here, I found that China is much better than imagined. It is convenient to communicate and socialize, and it is also very safe. I like China very much, and I have made many friends here. I hope I can learn more about Chinese culture in the future, tell my friends about China in my eyes, and let more people know about China.

CORTES MIRA SEBASTIAN, Columbian, undergraduate from Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design

During the pandemic, I was able to study and live at ease at Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES). The teachers gave me great encouragement and guidance from the time I applied for admission; they taught me patiently and carefully, and gave me the warmth of home.

BALZHAN YNTYMAK, undergraduate of School of Foreign Languages

In 2017, I came to Shanghai University of Engineering Science and started my college life. As I am about to graduate and leave the campus, all sorts of feelings well up in my mind. I would like to thank China for giving us the opportunity to study here. I will also keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's advice in his reply letter that I should “travel around China more often and have a deeper understanding of the real China”. I will make the best use of my time studying in China to get to know the real China.

LE THI THUONG, Vietnamese, Graduate student of School of Textiles and Fashion

I came to China eight years ago, and before I knew it, I had spent the most wonderful time of my life here. During this period, I witnessed the development of China and experienced the growth of my life. Today, as a proud international student in Shanghai University of Engineering Science, I would like to express my gratitude to all my teachers, friends and classmates who have helped me! Thank you for illuminating my life.

Ma Lixian, Student Affairs Office, School of Management Studies

General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply letter has pointed the way for my future work. The international students are quite different from the Chinese students in terms of learning foundation, language level, life habits and way of thinking. In the future, we will also consider sharing the content of China's national conditions and the history of the CPC with the international students through some activities, so that the international students can have a more comprehensive understanding of China and become ambassadors of friendship for exchanges between China and other countries.

Xue Hui, Student Affairs Office, School of Foreign Languages

International students have spent the most vigorous four years of their youth in China, and they certainly have a lot of in-depth, intuitive and objective understanding of Shanghai and China. I hope you can carry forward this friendship after returning home, so that more people like China, fall in love with China and visit China again.