2021 Sino-Swiss Program Graduates Course Realistic Certificate Presentation Ceremony Held Successfully

Release time:2021-06-10Views:31

On the afternoon of June 8th, the Course Realistic Certificate Presentation Ceremony for the 2021 Graduates of the Sino-Swiss Program in International Business (Tourism and Business Management) was held in the Second Lecture Hall of Songjiang Campus. Mr. Zeng Liwei, Consul General of the Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai, President Yu Tao, and Vice President Xia Chunming attended the ceremony. President Jurg Kessler of the Glaubenden University of Applied Sciences and Dean Patric Arn of the School of Tourism attended the ceremony in the form of video conference.

Zeng and Yu awarded the graduates with course realistic certificates, and took pictures with the teachers and graduates.

The ceremony not only marks the in-depth cooperation of the Sino-Swiss Program but also symbolizes the friendly exchanges between China and Switzerland.

Before that, SUES and Graubunden University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland held the first video conference of the Sino-Swiss Joint Management Committee for the joint program in 2021. The two sides had beneficial discussions on further cooperation and reached a number of consensuses.