Research Team of Major Project "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence" Helps SAIC with Digital Transformation

Release time:2021-08-09Views:14

During the summer vacation, the project “Automatic Construction and Decision-Making Technologies and Applications of Knowledge in Industrial Fields” hosted by SUES, a major project of Innovation 2030 by the Ministry of Science and Technology - “New Generation of Artificial Intelligence”, was in full swing, and the project team was in full contact with SAIC. The two parties had an in-depth discussion on SAIC's digital transformation and other issues, drawing up a preliminary outline for technology implementation.

Under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention of COVID-19, the project leader, Professor Fang Zhijun, Dean of the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, led the team to SAIC several times. The team listened to various aspects about SAIC's history, self-developed processes and technologies, and existing mainstream knowledge mapping application solutions in the automotive industry. In response to the needs of SAIC's transformation and development, the research team from SUES proposed corresponding technology outline, including root cause analysis and reasoning containing multi-modal information fusion, automatic question and answer system based on domain knowledge, and maintenance critical information retrieval combined with graphic recognition, etc., which received active response from SAIC.

It is agreed that the research team of the project intends to be stationed at SAIC for a long time to carry out major projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and to help with the digital transformation of SAIC.