Sun Tao

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Sun Tao, a National Distinguished Expert, a talent of Thousand Talents program in Zhejiang Province, a high-level entrepreneurial and innovative talent in Jiangsu Province, an advanced individual of Jiangsu Province who returned to China after studying abroad. A professor of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Educational Background

1. 1990.09-1993.08: Ph.D. in Engineering, Chemistry, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

2. 1984.09-1987.08: Master of Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Work Experience

3. 2019.07-Present: Professor, Shanghai University of Engineering Science

4. 2014.10-2019.06: General Manager, Ningbo Risheng New Material Co.

5. 2011.05-2014.09: Vice President of R&D, Jiangsu Zhongjing Technology Co.

6. 2005.05-2011.04: General Manager, Jiangsu Jirica Microelectronics Nanomaterials Co,.

7. 2001.08-2005.04: Senior Scientist, CabotMicroelectronics Inc.

8. 1997.01-2001.07: Specialist, Dow Chemical Company, Central Research.

9. 1993.10-1996.12: Postdoctor, Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

10. 1987.09-1990.08: Project Leader, Jinling Petrochemical Company, Research Institute.

Academic Positions and Awards

1. 07/2020 -11/2025 Deputy Director of Expert Committee, National Think Tank of Material and Device Scientists - Electronic Information Materials and Devices.

2. 01/2004 -05/2005 Director, Chicago Micro- and Nanotechnology Society.

Research Areas and Technical Expertise

Homogeneous and non-homogeneous catalysis, nanometer materials, nano-composite synthesis and processes, self-assembled interface science, controlled mesoporous materials, tribology, friction catalysis and reaction engineering, top-down nano-fabrication and other interdisciplines.