SUES held a seminar for the representatives of 2022 outstanding graduates

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In the afternoon of June 10, the symposium for the representatives of the outstanding graduates of the class of 2022 was held simultaneously at the conference room 306 of Administration Building and Tencent Conference. Party Secretary Li Jiang, Vice President Zhu Xiaoqing attended the meeting, and representatives of relevant faculty and representatives of the outstanding graduates of 2022 Shanghai attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Vice President Zhu Xiaoqing.

On behalf of SUES, Secretary Li Jiang congratulated the graduates for their remarkable achievements through diligent efforts and share with them the university motto, which is Diligence, Veritas, Innovation and Dedication. He expressed his hope that the graduates would always keep in mind the sincere expectations that General Secretary Xi Jinping has for the young generation, that they would push themselves to their limits on the track of youth, that they would continue to interpret the spirit of the university motto through practical actions, that they would live up to the time, the era, and the people, that they would show the most beautiful style of SUES graduates in the new era and run the best performance of contemporary youth.

At the meeting, Xu Wei, a graduate of School of Management Studies, shared his inspiring story of joining the army and participating in the Western China Program in response to the call of the country, and going to the most needed place of the motherland to endure the test and shine. Zhou Zhiwei, a graduate of School of Materials Engineering, shared his experience of growing up from an ordinary student to a scientific researcher and successfully joining SAIC Motor Corporation, one of the world's top 500 companies. Li Huilong, a graduate of School of Textile and Fashion, shared his journey of being inspired by SUES teachers supporting Xinjiang and enrolling in Xinjiang University as a graduate student, with the ambition to serve the border and the motherland. Chen Qinyi, a graduate of School of Urban Railway Transportation, shared her touching story of staying on the front line of fighting the epidemic for more than 70 days and helping Shanghai win the battle against the epidemic. Wang Guqin, a graduate of School of Foreign Languages, shared her growth story of becoming the executive chairman of the student union and a student of the seventh Shanghai Youth Horse Project student cadre class under the careful cultivation of the school, and her determination to serve the construction of key industries in Shanghai's 14th Five-Year Plan.

Eight outstanding graduates from Shanghai, including Wang Yuhang from School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Gao Xinyan from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Liu Yu from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Li Jiahao from School of Art and Design, Xie Yuchen from School of Air Transportation, Lu Xinwei from Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design, Mou Wenlin from School of Higher Vocational Education, and Ding Yang from School of Mathematics and Statistics, shared their growth experiences and gains during their SUES years and expressed their gratitude to their alma mater.

The graduates stated that they would keep in mind the wishes of the university, aim high, be practical, take up the mission of the times, blossom the most beautifully in their respective positions, demonstrate the most beautiful posture of engineering students, and strive to become the new man of the times who is capable of bearing the weighty responsibility of national rejuvenation.