SUES Attended Online Joint Proposal Meeting of Consulting Projects from Chinese Academy of Engineering

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In 2022, the SUES Research and Development Center of Engineering Education undertook the consulting project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering on Research on the Development Strategy and Implementation Promotion of Vocational Education in China in the New Era. On the afternoon of June 7, the Center's project team and Academician Li Peigen's team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology attended the joint proposal meeting of projects organized online by the Education Committee of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Academician Zhu Gaofeng and Vice President Xia Chunming attended the meeting, which was hosted by Academician Yan Xinping of Wuhan University of Technology.


Academician Chen Jianfeng delivered a speech on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He requested that the project teams from the two universities should combine the  national needs, carefully analyze and study the history and current situation of the development of engineering education and vocational education, learn from the advanced experience and practices of developed countries, propose the development path and implementation path of talent cultivation at all levels suitable for China's economic and social development needs, and devote themselves to serving the development of various national undertakings in the new era.


Academician Zhu Gaofeng, Special Advisor to our president and Tenured Professor, pointed out that the subject needs to focus on two common issues: one is to give full consideration to the coordination of demand and supply of talents, and the other is the integration issue, including the integration of disciplines, the integration of informatization and industrialization, and the integration of industry and education. Academician Li Peigen discussed the issue of mechanical engineering education and talent cultivation of vocational education.


Vice President Xia Chunming expressed his gratitude to the academicians and experts on behalf of SUES, asserting that the project team will strictly abide by the overall research requirements and schedule, carefully do the research work, focus on every detail, and standardize the use of project funds. Meanwhile, the team will strengthen the cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other sister universities, learn from their advanced working experience, so as to share the research materials and results, and jointly promote the quality completion of the project.


Guo Hui, a teacher from Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a report on the project of Reconstructing Mechanical Engineering Education in Digital Space, and Wang Juan, on behalf of SUES, delivered a report on the topic Research on Development Strategy and Implementation Promotion of Vocational Education in China in the New Era. Experts from Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University of Technology, Ningbo Engineering College, Shenzhen Institute of Vocational Technology and Journal of Higher Engineering Education Research put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on the research objectives, research contents and implementation plan of the projects.