SUES Commencement of 2022 was held grandly

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On the morning of June 26, 2022 Commencement and degree conferment ceremony of SUES was held at Zhihong Hall on Songjiang Campus. All leaders of SUES, members of degree evaluation committee, teachers' representatives, alumni representatives and graduates' representatives attended the offline ceremony, and 11,123 graduates and graduates' parents witnessed the 2022 graduates successfully completed their studies and started a new journey of life by watching the simulcast.

Party Secretary Li Jiang and President Yu Tao transferred the tassels and issued certificates for the graduates' representatives one by one, and sent them great wishes and deep blessings.

On behalf of SUES, Secretary Li Jiang accepted a graduation gift from the Class of 2022 to his alma mater - a heroic mech chariot model crafted by the Mukis Mecha Battle Team from School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. This mech chariot, designed and developed by SUES students, has been invincible in the competition and has won 8 awards in the national and central regions, including the best appearance award of engineering robot and the first prize in the competition. The small racing car witnessed the transformation of the students from scientific novices to competition experts under the careful cultivation of their alma mater, and expressed the graduates' strong gratitude to their alma mater. The alma mater also hopes that students will be indomitable and victorious like chariots on the road in the future.

President Yu Tao expressed his warm congratulations to the graduates who had successfully completed their studies, and paid high respect to the students who came forward and actively fought against the epidemic during the epidemic, and promised the graduates who could not come to the ceremony that SUES would open its doors for them in every graduation ceremony in the future. Facing the world full of uncertainty under the epidemic, President Yu made three hopes to all graduates: first, to have faith in their heart, to act with determination, and to hold on to their dreams; second, to face the challenges, to keep the righteousness, and to break through; third, to be humble, to learn for life, and to be a person who embraces the world.

Huang Chongqi, a famous domestic expert in the field of non-ferrous metals and new materials research and development, and a double-appointed academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and our university, sent a message to the graduates to build up their ambition, grow their skills and become a pillar, and contribute their youthful power to the development of our country.

Shi Jianyong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union of SUES, and Men Yanping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of SUES, presented graduation gifts to the graduates.

Vice President Zhu Xiaoqing presided over the graduation ceremony.

Vice President Wang Yansong read out the Decision of Commendation for the Pioneers, Advanced Individuals and Advanced Groups of the 2022 Graduates in the Fight against the Epidemic.

Vice President Xia Chunming read out the 2022 Shanghai Outstanding Graduates List.

Zhu Zhenyu, the representative of outstanding alumni, chairman of Jiangsu Honghai New Material Co., Ltd. and chairman of Shanghai Hongda Auction Co., Ltd. shared his youth story for the students and encouraged them to remember SUES motto of Diligence, Veritas, Innovation and Dedication, to start from small things in their work, to take responsibility, to learn and think hard and to act.

Yu Jin from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Jiang Zhengao from School of Urban Railway Transportation shared their stories of studying and growing up at SUES and expressed their gratitude to their alma mater, and said they would remember their alma mater's wishes, and will have the ambition to serve their country, and write a chapter of their youth to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with the posture and actions of the new era's strugglers.