18 Courses of SUES Approved for the Project of Municipal Key Courses in Shanghai Universities in 2022

Release time:2022-07-07Views:10

Recently, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission released the Notice of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on Announcing the List of Municipal Key Courses in Shanghai Universities in 2022. Among the list, 18 courses of SUES are granted, including Automobile Engine Structures and Fundamentals.


The time limit of the course construction project is two years, from July 2022 to June 2024. The faculty member in charge of each course must promote the construction of the course in an orderly manner according to the declared plan and tasks of course construction, and further improve the teaching quality of the course through the project. The schools of project holders must effectively strengthen the process management of the construction of the key courses to ensure that each course completes the construction objectives on time and in quality.


SUES has always attached great importance to the construction of courses. Up to now, 202 courses have been approved for municipal key course construction projects. These projects have played an important role of demonstration and leadership in promoting further improvement of the quality of SUES courses.