SUES Was Awarded "Excellent University for the Popularization of E-Learning Space Application" by MoE

Release time:2022-11-14Views:14

General Office of Ministry of Education recently released the Notice on Announcing the List of Excellent Regions and Excellent Schools and Universities for the Popularization of E-Learning Space Application Activities in 2021. Awarded Excellent School and University for the Popularization of E-Learning Space Application Activities in 2021, SUES was on the list and became the only municipal university in Shanghai to receive this honor.

SUES started to use the Fanya E-learning space in 2017, and at the same time, it has independently developed the intelligent teaching platform iClass. SUES uses the E-learning space to innovate its teaching and learning modes, continuously improve its management and evaluation, and promote teachers' professional development. Besides, SUES encourages teachers to apply the E-learning space on a regular basis and carry out teaching reforms based on the space, and has achieved remarkable results in the construction of first-class courses and the promotion of teaching innovation. SUES has been granted the “5G+ Smart Education” demonstration project supported by Shanghai Municipal Government, the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. During the pandemic periods in 2020 and 2022, the University developed plans of online teaching based on the E-learning space, carried out online teaching training for all faculty, and ensured the quality of online teaching through the joint efforts of the university and faculties.

SUES will take this award as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the construction and innovative application of online learning space, enhance informatization of education, accelerate the application of artificial intelligence technology in the reform of talent training, and promote the innovative development of smart education.