SUES Commencement Ceremony 2019:The Last Lesson About Devotion To Family and Country

From the very beginning of “Hello SUES Garden” till now “Goodbye Youth”, the students came to SUES with their dreams and longings, now they have already grown up in reading and practicing. And now they put on degree gowns, gained impressive results, the childishness had faded from them. They showed us “struggle is the most beautiful thing of youth”, they are starting a new journey for the development of the nation and the society.

The SUES Commencement Ceremony 2019 for graduates was held in the Gymnasium of Songjiang Campus in the morning of July 3rd. There were 5634 graduates gathered there witnessing the glory moment of graduation, sharing the joy of starting a new journey.


Commencement Ceremony: Refined Feelings of Education


There were four chapters of commencement ceremony 2019: “Make Arduous Efforts”, “Dedicated to The Country”, “Strengthen The Country” and the commencement ceremony by itself. During the ceremony, Secretary of the party committee of SUES Li Jiang presented the graduates who will serve and support the construction of the border areas of China in the future with the flag, Li Jiang stimulated all graduates for hard work in order to achieve their dreams.

Xia Jianguo, the Deputy Party Chief and President of SUES encouraged all graduates to explore the future, to hold the future, to take root of the future and win the future with an international angle of view, with the passion of devotion to family and country and with the deal and faith.

The supervisors, alumni and valedictorian gave passionate speeches under the title “To Love and To Serve The Motherland”. The graduates watched a video, which made by Zhu Gaofeng, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to encourage them to use what they have learnt in SUES and create wealth for our society and the country.

Xin Binjie, The professor of Fashion College SUES gave a speech about his own life, which was devoted to the country, his experience on supporting the Xinjinag’s development to all the graduates; alumnus 2017 Liu Yang, employed in the Sagya County people’s government of Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region, on behalf of the graduates of SUES, which were dedicated to the country, shared his story of pursue dreams; the representative of graduates from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Li Weiyang and the representative from College of Air Transport Song Huawei expressed their decisions of being a patriot, who is loving motherland, thrift self-renewal and respect-work dedication in the new era.

There were 264 students awarded as Outstanding Graduates of Shanghai city with certificates from university leaders. The party and government leaders of SUES and the members of academic degree evaluation committee shook hands with each one of them and switched their tassels, as well as handed them their diploma. In the end, the chorus of SUES sang the song “My Motherland and I” to express their feeling of joy.


Graduation Season: The Warmhearted Activities


It is a tradition for all graduates in SUES to take group photos with university leaders, Secretary of the party committee of SUES Li Jiang expressed his solicitude towards the graduates, who were also discharged from active military service while had been taking photos with them. The president of SUES Xia Jianguo had a friendly talk with the graduates and with their parents, while taking group photos with graduates in a red principal gown in the hall on the 2nd floor of the Gymnasium Songjiang Campus.

The University League Committee arranged performance program for all graduates: poetry reading “Youthful Me” and the anthem chorus of SUES “Go Forward SUES”, the performances expressed the best wishes to the graduates. The video “Struggle Is The Most Beautiful Thing of Youth” encouraged graduates to keep their feet firmly on the ground and strive tenaciously to succeed, and only in this way, people can leave tracks of youth without regrets.

The design of every detail in the ceremony embodied humanization and love for graduates. Gymnasium was surrounded by the red carpet, there was a photo-frame set for graduates. All graduates could get an appetizing in our canteen “crispy duck leg” with ceremony entrance tickets. The meaning of the duck leg is “Harder Work”. The landscape lights of Shanghai Bund were turned on specially for the graduates of SUES.

All departments of SUES, such as Students’ Affairs Division and Postgraduate Department arranged the specialized educational activities of graduation season for the students. Students’ Affairs Division organized the ideological and political teaching contest for the group of Political lecturers SUES, teachers had chosen 10 video courses about ideology and politics, and posted them on the net, students could watch and learn, this activity encouraged graduates to contribute to social progress and national development by using their education at SUES.

Meanwhile, each college and school of SUES held events for the graduation season: there were contests of mini-videos of Party Members; the demonstration of outstanding graduates pictures on the net; giving books as a present to each other in the graduate class. So the graduates didn’t want to finish being a part of SUES.


Graduates: Leave The Most Precious Memories of Youth


Hope that there will be a future to go, and there are memories to think back. The students gathered at SUES with their dreams and expectations many years ago, they composed beautiful and splendid campus lives in the SUES garden, and they indeed received success and development here.

Li Weiyang who is called Super Scholar from others, is a postgraduate from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, he had been staying in the lab all the time except eating and sleeping. He has published 10 foreign academic journal articles with the impact factor more than 21 in 3 years. He got the doctoral program, which will let him continue his research at Lueven University in Belgium. He is determined to serve the motherland after finishing his education abroad.

Wu Hao, a graduate from School of Management paid a lot of attention to the problem of Garbage Classification, he has been all around Shanghai city to do research in these 3 years. He was awarded the diploma called The Best Idea of Environmental Protection Shanghai with his report about garbage classification in Shanghai. He was also awarded the diploma called Annual Person of Shanghai University Students in 2019.

Zhan xin, a graduate from School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering responded to a call enthusiastically of country to join the army for 2 years, he won the title of Four Haves Revolutionary Armyman of New Generation, he has got Personal Third Class during the term of enlistment. He took part in the Freshmen Military Training as an instructor in 2018, won the prize of Highly Qualified Instructor.

Song Huawei, a graduate from College of Air Transport, is also an executive chairman of Shanghai Student Union and president of SUES Student Union, has been to the minority regions in Yunnan to create files for the poor households, has tried to become a guardian of traditional culture and has helped the development of national culture in China. His public welfare entrepreneurship project “The Benefit and The Art of Shanghai and Yunnan” gained silver prize in China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018 and won gold metal in the same competition in Shanghai area. He believes, that most of the young people are dream catchers, as well as dream achievers. Everyone need to have a dream to make our country stronger, the dream will illuminate the road ahead, show your direction of life, then you should strive and work harder to achieve the dream.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, more than 5600 graduates of SUES will go out of the campus, as the socialist builders and successors of the future, the graduates should actively carry out their responsibilities to serve our motherland with their own knowledge, and should make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.