The Great Research of the Emerging Engineering Education Construction Thoughts- Understanding Flight Course in the Most Beautiful MOOC class


New technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things (IOT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly promoting the innovation and development of the country and society. At the same time, these technologies have put forward new requirements for the knowledge, ability, professional quality and international vision of modern applied engineering and technical personnel. The course of Understanding Flight , which is based on the platform of the MOOC class is a typical example of a representative and exemplary mixed teaching model produced under the background of Internet plus and Emerging Engineering Education (3E). In the course of the implementation of the specific teaching strategies, the application of big data in MOOC learning evaluation is promoted. In addition, the strategy of changing the teacher’s role is realized, and the innovation path is explored for the training of aviation professionals and the popular aviation knowledge science for the general public. The Understanding Flight course focuses on new ideas, new contents, new methods and new results in the process of implementing the Emerging Engineering Education reform.


(1) Cultivate the teaching atmosphere on and off line to build a new idea


The Knowing Flight course consists of five lectures, respectively, from the flight principle, flight control, aviation instrumentation, aviation meteorology and air crash analysis and other 5 aspects of flight-related knowledge. The teachers who are responsible for the team are mainly from air transport College, flight science teaching team.

The program has been open to students on the SPOC platform of the MOOC platform website since March 2016 and has been officially opened to students on the specific ICourse website at the MOOC platform, and also to students on the on-campus SPOC platform. After three years of curriculum construction and circular opening, the realization of the online and offline hybrid teaching model, to create a three-dimensional mobile micro classroom, such a teaching model has greatly stimulated students immersion, independent learning enthusiasm.

(2) Interactive teaching enables dynamic classrooms to incorporate new content


Relying on the advantages of the online platform, the course discussion platform has set up a comprehensive discussion area, teacher answer area, classroom exchange area, the three step-by-step interactive communication sections. Each section has different functions and are suitable for learners different participation needs. In the course of participating in classroom discussion, students find problems, think about the conclusions, can communicate with classmates, teachers and debate, in the mutual debate to understand their limitations, and thus produce a stronger desire for knowledge.

The process of discussion is the process of learning, repeated debate and discussion, but also will trigger the participants' thinking and reflection, the exchange of different points of view, will stimulate the divergent thinking of the seminar, both from many aspects to accept information, but also from many angles of in-depth thinking, until the deep understanding, completely solve the deep-seated doubts.

From the teaching process monitoring data in the past three years, interactive, discussion-based learning atmosphere is strong, the initiative of teacher-student interaction is strong, and the focus of discussion is targeted and professional. On the other hand, in view of some suggestions put forward by students in the interactive session, the curriculum teaching group is also periodically updating or revising the content of curriculum content.


(3) Mobile microclasses extend classroom boundaries to practice the new approach


The Internet-based dynamic learning supports mobile learning models provide students with truly personalized, open-ended, fragmented learning opportunities that push the boundaries of time and space. Since the course was open, we found that in the course of discussion-based learning, the teaching team that knew the flight course and undertake the teaching has gained a number of fans, and the students even asked for QQ to make it easier to discuss the problems and confusions in learning.

And there are many social students' associations that suggest that the team offer more aviation science courses. There are other colleges and universities of the same kind of professional colleagues come to exchange courses and even professional development connotation, more aviation major students through the curriculum of flight, aviation has a very systematic, accurate understanding, therefore, the introduction and implementation of the curriculum to improve the teaching team and the impact of college schools in the industry and society.


Figure 3.Example of offline interaction

The course is well received by the learners. The attachments are teacher evaluations from the students enrolled in the relevant courses.

(4) Teachers lead the expansion of demonstration impact to highlight new results

In addition, in order to promote the teaching results of the curriculum, we rely on the curriculum teaching team and teachers, namely: Shanghai excellent teaching team, Shanghai Yucai Award teachers, Shanghai Youth Education Award-winning teachers, school outstanding lecture teachers. We actively carry out the aviation characteristics of quality education online open series of course construction, and have built Air Walk, Know Flight and courses such as Aircraft Appreciation and Discovery Aviation. At present, the series of course groups have also been broadcast on the love course platform, China University MOOC and other online course platform. All these courses are welcomed and praised by different audiences. Among them, Air Walk was selected in the Ministry of Education's eighth group of national quality video open course, Knowing Flight by the 2018 national boutique online open course.

In addition, the Knowing Flight course was selected for the 2018 Higher Education Press and China Education Television to jointly organize the Most Beautiful Course - The First Chinese University's Brilliant 100 Selection course.  

Figure 5. Knowing Flight was selected as The Most Beautiful Course by the first Chinese University's Splendid 100 course.

Figure 6. Knowing Flight the leading teachers