Unveiling Ceremony of International Institute of Creative Design, SUES and Signing Ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation of Industry and Education Integration Held Successfully

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In order to cultivate creative design talents with international vision and Chinese spirit, the unveiling ceremony of SUES International Institute of Creative Design, SUES and signing ceremony of strategic cooperation of industry and education integration were held at the complex building on Changning campus on December 15.

Mao Lijuan, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, congratulated SUES on being approved as the first university to run Sino-Korean cooperative institute in art in China, which was of great significance for Shanghai to build a new opening highland of education to the outside world.

Kim Seung ho, Consul General of the Korean Consulate General in Shanghai, delivered a speech expressing that education is to help young people to adapt to future development. He pointed out that this institute was of great importance for training students who would lead the future development in the field of creative design. South Korea and China are geographically adjacent and culturally close, with natural cooperation foundation and advantages. He hoped that this institute could play an important role in promoting the educational cooperation between these two countries.

Consul General Jin Shenghao and SUES Secretary Li Jiang unveiled the International Institute of Creative Design. Consul General Jin Shenghao, Deputy District Head of Songjiang District Gu Jieyan, Secretary General Li Weiping of Shanghai Education International Exchange Association, SUES Secretary Li Jiang, SUES President Yu Tao and Dean Jin Zhongqi jointly released the institute’s name, motto and logo.

SUES President Yu Tao delivered a welcome speech. He pointed out that the three parties would adhere to the initiative of win-win and coordination to build a shared future. The International Institute of Creative Design is committed to cultivating high-quality and international students with international vision and Chinese spirit who can take on the task of national rejuvenation. We hoped to build the institute into a first-class creative design institute in Asia and even the world, and set it an example of education cooperation between China and South Korea.

Won Sungsoo, president of the National Gongju University of Korea, one of the three parties, stated that this institution was an educational cooperation responding to the globalization of education and the diversification of students’ needs. He hoped it to be a new mode of educational cooperation between China and South Korea.

Chang Jekuk, President of Dongseo University of South Korea, stated that this institute was a new achievement and breakthrough in the 20-year cooperation between Dongseo University and SUES. He expected the three parties to adhere to the motto, to pursue the spirit of innovation and cultivate excellent international creative design students.

SUES President Yu Tao and President Zhang Zhan of Shanghai Design Promotion Center jointly unveiled the strategic cooperation of industry and education integration. President Zhang Zhan hoped that we could take cooperation as the carrier to help the construction of the International Institute of Creative Design, to promote the going out of Shanghai design and the introduction of overseas design, and serve the construction of the Design City of Shanghai.

Witnessed by the guests at the meeting, SUES signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Shanghai Design Promotion Center, and the International Institute of Creative Design signed a cooperation agreement with four cooperative enterprises in China and South Korea.

Dean Gu Yi, Dean Jingbing Piao and Dean Jin Zhongqi of the International Institute of Creative Design made speeches successively, and put forward plans for the future construction of the institute from their respective perspectives. All leaders and guests visited the exhibition of achievements of their 20 years’ cooperation and took a group photo.

The ceremony was presided over by SUES Vice President Xia Chunming. Korean enterprises Qiling Animation, Lennon Vision, Chinese enterprises Donghao Lansheng Exhibition Group, Shanghai Manheng and other enterprise representatives, former leaders of the institute, representatives of teachers and students participated in the ceremony offline and online.

 The institute will closely match the national strategy and industrial development needs, actively integrate the best educational resources of the three Chinese and Korean parties, so that students can enjoy high-quality international education without going abroad. The institute will cultivate excellent international creative design students for the country on the new journey of building digital power and implementing digital strategy.