SUES Students Achieved Success in the “17th China Graduate Electric Design Contest”

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Recently, the 17th China Graduate Electric Design Contest (also known as the “Graduate Electric Contest) was successfully completed in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. The contest was guided by the Academic Degrees Committee of Ministry of Education and jointly sponsored by the Association of Chinese Graduate Education, the Youth Science Center of China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Institute of Electronics. In the contest, SUES received several awards, including one national first prize, two national second prizes, one national third prize, the Excellent Instructor Award for the final and the Outstanding Organization Award for the final. So far SUES has achieved excellent results in the Graduate Electric Contests for the past five years and has won the Outstanding Organization Award for the final for four straight years.


The Graduate Electric Contest is one of the thematic events of the “China Postgraduate Innovation and Practice Competitions and it is also the top event in the field of electric design in China. The 17th Graduate Electric Contest started in March 2022, with a record number of 5824 teams, representing 272 graduate training units, and 24021 students and teachers successfully registering for the tournament in China. SUES classifies the Graduate Electric Contest as an AII-level competition, and the competition is highly competitive. Under the collaborative organization of the Graduate School and School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, a total of 85 teams from SUES successfully enrolled for the competition, with 65 teams earning the prize for a winning rate of over 76%.