College of Advanced Vocational Education Won the Second Prize of TI Cup 2019 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest

Recently, TI Cup 2019 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest came to an end.Zhang Jing and Sun Wei of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering served as instructors, and Cao Zhen, Shao Jiakai and Lu Shuai, students of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, won the only first prize and the second prize of the Shanghai contest area.

The National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest is one of the Class A contests for undergraduate students advocated by the Ministry of Education. It is a popular scientific and technological activity for college students. Its purpose is to promote the reform of the curriculum system and content of information and electronic subjects in colleges and universities. It is helpful for colleges and universities to implement quality education, cultivate college students' awareness of practical innovation and basic abilities, the humanistic spirit of teamwork and the study style of integrating theory with practice. It is helpful to cultivate students' engineering practice quality, improve students' ability of electronic design and production for practical problems, attract and encourage young students to actively participate in extracurricular scientific and technological activities, and create conditions for outstanding talents to stand out.

The production time of the contestworks is from August 7 to 11. It was held simultaneously in 29 contest areas nationwide. On August 15, the Shanghai contest area was evaluated in Minhang Campus of East China Normal University. According to the evaluation results of the Shanghai contest area, a team of SUSES was shortlisted for the national comprehensive evaluation and took part in the completely closed comprehensive evaluation conducted on August 19. According to the results of comprehensive evaluation and Shanghai contest area evaluation, the SUES team entered the national retest with the only first prize of higher vocational and technical college group in the Shanghai contest area. On August 30, they participated in the final evaluation held in Jiading Campus of Tongji University, and after retest, they won the second prize of the whole country

Behind the excellent results is the hard work of the participating teachers and students. Since October last year, the participating teams of teachers and students have been preparing for the contest. After careful participation organization, hard concentrated training and sufficient preparation before the contest, the participating teams of higher vocational colleges have lived up to expectations and achieved excellent results in the competition.