Opening Ceremony Held for 2019 SUESers

On the afternoon of September 6, the opening ceremony for 2019 freshmen was held in the sports center of Songjiang university town. Li Jiang, secretary of the Party committee of SUES, Xia Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SUES, Zhu Gaofeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shi Jianyong, Lu Jiahua, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Zhu Xiaoqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of SUES, Yao Xiuping, Wang Yansong and Xia Chunming attended the opening ceremony. Also attending the ceremony were the heads of relevant functional offices, Party and administrative leaders of various colleges, faculty representatives and 2019 graduate and undergraduate students. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhu Xiaoqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of SUES.

The opening ceremony began with the solemn national anthem.Li Jiang, secretary of the Party committee of SUES, awarded party members'dormitory nameplates and gift books to the new Party member representatives. He sent messages to the young student party members: remaining true to the original aspiration, and bearing firmly in mind the mission, using firm beliefs and practical actions to gather the great power to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Xia Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president, gave all 2019 freshmen the first lecture. President Xia first expressed warm welcome to the arrival of 6,277 new students. SUES is a vigorous  university with profound historical foundation, distinctive features, first-class teaching staff and an international communication platform, which has created a good environment for students to achieve all-round development . President Xia expressed three hopes. First, he hoped that students would stick to interpreting their dreams, keeping the spirit of perpetual struggle and integrating their dreams into the struggle of the people to realize the Chinese dream. Second, he hoped that students would create the future with diligence, cherish time, constantly improve their discipline ability and embrace the future. Third, he hoped that they would share ideas, embrace youth with reason, learn to respect and tolerate, share and cooperate, and realize their dreams in a spirit of friendship and dedication.

Academician Zhu Gaofeng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering urged the students to cherish the hard-won good times, seriously consider why they came to the University  and how to spend their college life, and suggested that the students should enhance their self-reliance, study diligently and efficiently, and be upright and inclusive.

Professor Xie Hong, a faculty representative and dean of the School of Fashion, encouraged the students to become professionals. When doing research, they should behave like professional researchers. She hoped that the students would uphold the spirit of diligence, seeking truth from facts, innovation and dedication.

Jun Yongfei, alumni representative, graduate of the school of Materials Engineering, inspired students to pursue their dreams in engineering, stick to their choices, and strive for perfection, and forge a future.

Tang Zhe, a freshman representative of the undergraduate and a student of the school of Air Transportation, shared his dream-chasing story. He dreamed of flying into the blue sky from a young age and finally took off in SUES. On behalf of the new Party members of the graduate students, Shi Haoran of the schooll of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering encouraged himself and his classmates not to forget his original aspiration, to carry out his mission in practice and to realize his value in struggle. Baoliga, a freshman representative and Mongolian student from the school of Management, told of her love for China. She hopes to increase her talents in international engineering and make contributions to the exchange between China and Mongolia in the future.

At the end of the ceremony, all the teachers and students sang My Motherland and Me together under the leadership of the SUES choir. The huge national flag was passed on in the hands waved by the students. All the freshmen were full of affection and jointly presented the 70th birthday of their motherland.

 At the opening ceremony, the Youth League Committee and the department of Student Affairs also jointly presented wonderful performances for the new students and fully demonstrated the positive spiritual outlook of SUES staff and students.

The opening ceremony was also broadcast live on the Internet.