SUES Holds the Launching Ceremony of the 2023 Career Service Season and the Employment and Industry-University Co-operative Job Fair

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In order to serve the integrated and high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta, to build a “collaborative education community”, and to promote a full employment of graduates in a high-quality manner, on the afternoon of April 27, the Launching Ceremony of 2023 Employment Service Season and Employment and Industry-University Cooperative Job Fair was held at the West Stadium of Songjiang Campus.

Attending the Launching Ceremony included President Yu Tao, Deputy Mayor of Songjiang District Mr. Liu Fusheng, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President Zhu Xiaoqing, Director of Shanghai Student Affairs Center Zhao Meng, and other distinguished guests from the G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley Joint Affaires Office, Songjiang District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Human Resources and Social Security Bureaus from several Districts, Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Shandong Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Yunnan Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Guangfulin Street and several enterprises. Leaders from schools of SUES, counselors on employment services for graduating students, job-hunting students from the 2023 class and all students from other grades attended the job fair, where nearly 500 enterprises came with about 20,000 positions for talent recruitment. 

University leaders and guests from the government, Chambers of Commerce and enterprises jointly launched the 2023 Employment Service Season.

President Yu expressed his gratitude for the opportunities and platforms created by the higher authorities for SUES, as well as the job opportunities provided by the government, Chambers of commerce and enterprises for the graduates. Faced with the extremely complex and severe employment situation this year, he pointed out: “First and most importantly, we should enhance our internal competence to meet the challenges in development. Secondly, we should make more friends to form a university-society community. Last but not the least, we should build a platform to facilitate education services.”

Liu Fusheng, Deputy Mayor of Songjiang District, introduced Songjiang District’s intentions to vigorously implement the strategy of talents leading development, to seize the golden window for employment enhancement, to explore job opportunities for college graduates by every means, and to welcome all SUES students to stay and work in Songjiang after graduation.

In his speech, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President, Zhu Xiaoqing, expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect to governments at all levels, Chambers of Commerce and the employers who have always cared about and supported the employment work of the university, and said that SUES would seize the major opportunities brought about by the national strategy of integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta together with all parties, and jointly write a new chapter of win-win cooperation.


Zhao Meng, Director of Shanghai Student Affairs Center , Gan Xiaoxia, Manager of East China Region of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., LTD., Liu Yan, Vice President of Amazon Web Services’ Asia Pacific office, Ren Xiaochun, Vice president of Shanghai Jiashu Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD., Chen Qian, Manager of University cooperation with NIO Inc., Wang Bo, HR Center Recruitment Manager of ZTO Express Co., LTD., and Xu Yunfang, Shanghai Office Manager of Hengze Fengyue (Beijing) Enterprise Consulting Co., LTD., and Shi Enlong, Director of Qingfei Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD., jointly unveiled the Employment and Training Programme approved by Ministry of Education.

SUES set up service stations on employment policy consultation, job search guidance and public examination consultation at the event site, and hired expert teams of employment guidance and career planning from Hongkou District’s and Xuhui District’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to provide students with employment policy consultation, resume guidance, mock interview, career consultation and planning, public examination consultation and other guidance services in a one-on-one manner.