Students from School of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics Achieved Good Results in the Physical Final of the 11th National University Student Photoelectric Design Competition “Binsong Cup”

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From August 23 to 25, the physical final (national final) of the 11th National University Student Photoelectric Design Competition Binsong Cup was held at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). Three teams of SUES won one national second prize and two third prizes with courage and stable performance, and SUES won the Excellent Organization Award. This is the first time that SUES teams entered the national finals of this competition and achieved good results.

With the theme of Light and Electricity, Competition and Innovation, this competition is an important platform for university students to participate in basic physics innovation. SUES attaches great importance to training students' scientific research and innovation ability through discipline competitions. The Department of Photoelectric Physics of School of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics is responsible for organizing and carrying out the program. Based on the positioning as a high-level local application-oriented university in Shanghai, SUES creates the specialty features of the optoelectronic information science and engineering, gives full play to the extension and supplementary role of discipline competition to the classroom teaching, promotes major development with discipline competition, and strives to carry out the practice of training high-quality talents. Since its inception in 2021, the program of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering has adhered to the principle of discipline curriculum construction and discipline competition complementing each other, promoting the reform of education and teaching mode through discipline competitions, actively encouraging students to participate in various scientific and technological innovation competitions, and enriching the connotation of curriculum construction reform, to form a talent training model featuring exploration and research, competition and progress, general improvement, and personalized development.

It is reported that the National University Student Photoelectric Design Competition is sponsored by Chinese Optical Society, which is an important competition included in Ministry of Education's Competition Directory of the 2023 National College Student Competition Analysis Report. Since its launch in April, the competition has attracted 3,106 teams with 10,907 students from 324 colleges and universities to participate in, and 326 teams from 134 colleges and universities eventually qualified for the national finals, with 175 teams from 86 colleges and universities recommended to participate in the on-site physical final.