Opening Ceremony of 2023 Class of SUES MBA/MPA Program Held

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On the afternoon of September 9, SUES held opening ceremony celebrating the beginning of a new academic year for MBA/MPA’s 2023 class at the Comprehensive Building of Changning Campus. President Yu Tao, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee Shi Jianyong, Vice President Wang Yansong, Director of Higher Education Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Director of the Academic Degree Office Shu Jinlong, special tutor representative Zhu Zhenyu, responsible persons of relevant functions, leaders of School of Management Studies, teacher representatives attended the ceremony. The first 153 MBA/MPA freshmen gathered in the SUES. The ceremony was presided over by Shi Jianyong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC SUES Committee.


On behalf of SUES, President Yu Tao expressed gratitude to the leaders, teachers and representatives from all walks of life for their support in the process of MBA/MPA degree course application, enrollment and training, and welcomed the 153 MBA/MPA students who chose SUES. Inspired by the four English letters in MBA and MPA, President Yu Tao found four words to motivate and urge the students, among them: “M” - Master, standing for his hope that students can adapt for the talent training orientation of professional degrees in application-oriented universities, better master themselves, enhance the ability to find and solve problems, and improve the learning effect, efficiency and productiveness; “B” - Blend, representing his hope that students can learn, work and manage their lives in a way that integrates diverse cultures with diverse thinking styles to become talents with critical spirit, inclusive mind, international visions and crossover capability; “A” - Advance, in hope that the students are blessed with a sense of urgency, clear goals, and continuous progress; “P” – Pioneer, expressing the President’s hope that students can be blessed with an innovative spirit to break the routine and a courage to breakthrough themselves, improve themselves, to realize better selves, and to become pioneers of the reform.


Deputy Secretary Shi Jianyong pointed out that the MBA/MPA project is a new chapter in the discipline construction of SUES, MBA/MPA students bear the ideals and expectations, and it is hoped that the outstanding achievements of students in the future will become a new glorious chapter of SUES!


Vice President Wang Yansong awarded the student representatives with the MBA/MPA flag, which bears a sense mission and responsibility, to pass on the great spiritual power of SUES and pay tribute to the time spirit of reform and innovation.


Director Shu Jinlong pointed out that SUES’s MBA/MPA project enjoys a scientific educational concept, accurate positioning, and distinctive characteristics, and can serve as a strong supplement to MBA/MPA education in Shanghai. He hoped that students could make full use of the high-level platform constructed by the University and the rich resources resource provide by the integration of industry and education, so as to apply what they have learned, assist crossover integration, and serve the society.


Hu Bin, Dean of School of Management Studies and Director of the MBA/MPA Education Center, introduced the School and the MBA/MPA program and encouraged students to move forward with great strength and maximize the value of the MBA/MPA project. Zhu Zhenyu, a distinguished tutor representative, chairman of Jiangsu Honghai New Materials Co., LTD., and chairman of Shanghai Hongda Auction Co., LTD., encouraged the students to open up their minds, embrace new knowledge, and promote career advancement with multi-dimensional cooperation. Wu Lei, the teacher representative, hopes that the students can witness and promote the development of MBA/MPA program with common honor and responsibility, and be a kind, diligent, optimistic person with a great passion for learning. Pang Wenjie, the freshman representative, reminded that all the students should return to the starting point, and looked forward to discussing new growth points in the industrial field together in thinking and dialogue, exploring the “way to win” in the commercial society, and becoming a qualified graduate student.


The ceremony ended successfully with warm applause.