Labor and Social Security

4-year undergraduate program;   Bachelor of Management


Features: this Major is a major under Shanghai Education Highland Project.


In reliance on Shanghai social security key disciplines andnational teaching team of the Ministry of Education, this Major is closely connected with the basic theory of labor and social security and the reform and development practices of China’s labor relations and social security; it mainly deals with the three specialties: international comparative research on social security, public management quantitative analysis technology, Labor and social security policies and practices; students are expected to be trained into specialized high-quality management talents who: are suitable for China’s labor and social security career development; have international perspectives; master theory, technology and methods of labor and social security, solid theoretical foundation, rich professional knowledge and practical ability; have a high sense of innovation and application.


Main Courses: Management, Public Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Human Resource Management, Labor Economics, Social Security Introduction, Unemployment Insurance, Pension Insurance, Medical Insurance, Labor Law and Social Security Law, Public Social Security, Social Security Fund Management, Public Policy, Social Welfare, Social Assistance, Quantitative Analysis of Public Management Technology, Social Security Fund Management, International Social Security Comparison, Social Security Fund Actuarial, Reform and Development of China's Security System, Operational Science, Statistics, Econometrics, Information Resource Management. In addition to the theoretical courses, learning also includes cognitive practice, special research and professional post practice and other practical teachings.


Employment Orientation: Labor and social security is an important field for the construction and development of social undertakings in contemporary China, so graduates of this Major have bright employment prospects. Graduatescan work at the government departments of labor and social security management, large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, social organizations and other institutions and engagein labor and social security management and related service work.