Shanghai Students Volunteer to Build a World-Renowned Sports City

Release time:2023-12-09Views:12

Shanghai University of Engineering Science opened Shanghai University Sports Event Volunteer Training Base on December 9 in keeping with Shanghai's rapid development into a globally recognized sports city. The Training Base will provide professional volunteer training as well as a reserve pool of volunteers for university sports events.

Xue Mingyang, President of Shanghai University Sports Association, and Zhu Xiaoqing, Deputy Secretary of the CPC SUES Committee and Vice President of SUES, unveiled the plaque for the base. President Xue Mingyang announced the opening of the first training course in 2023 for Shanghai University volunteers for Sports Events.

Zhu Xiaoqing, Deputy Secretary of the CPC SUES Committee, indicated in her speech that SUES should adhere to the concept of “Lifelong Learning for People with Moral Values”, strengthening the integration of sports and education, and actively promoting the participation of college students in sports events. She hopes that students would cherish the opportunity of attending the training course and make full use of the service platform of the Shanghai College Student Volunteer Service Training Base. SUES will host the 2024 World University Futsal Championships in June next year, and we are excited to see all of the students on stage volunteering at the world-class competition to demonstrate the competency of Chinese college students.


When talking about the initial intention of the construction of the base, Shi Duo, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission’s Sports, Health and Arts Division, indicated that Shanghai’s efforts to build a world-renowned sports city coincided with the hosting of the qualifying rounds for the 2028 Summer Olympics, which is not only a test of the city’s ability to host international events and its service guarantee level, but also a great opportunity for Shanghai to build a high-level international sports event volunteer training system. SHMEC and SUES will work together on the long-term planning and administration of university students who volunteer their time based on the Training Base, given that SUES will host the World University Futsal Championships in 2024.

“As students in Shanghai, we have an obligation to offer professional volunteer services during significant athletic events and to have volunteer services support global events.” Xue Zhenyu from SUES was thrilled to be admitted to the group of Shanghai university students who volunteer for sporting activities.


Over a hundred university students from eleven colleges and universities, including Tongji University, Dong Hua University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, participated in the first volunteer training course, which had its opening ceremony at the same time.