Speech Given by Chairman of Shanghai University of Engineering Science
 Alumni Association


To alumni:

Whether you already have gray hair on both temples or you are embracing youth with elegance and talent, our youth belongs to SUES. Even if you are on the other end of the earth, only with a smile when meeting, you and I are already old friends. We are the fellows of SUES!

SUES boasts to be “well-born, starting with Bachelor’s degree education, growing up in the industry, having an engineering tradition and distinctive characteristics”. In the past thirty years of development, SUES has always sticked to the motto of “Diligent, Realistic, Innovative and Dedicated”. We have constructed the running mode which has set a platform of strategic alliances and a joint chain of disciplines chain, major chain and industry chain. We always insist on running our university with the industries, collaboratively educating our students with the industries and making innovations with the industries. We always adhere to the mission of actively serving the regional economy while relying on modern industries in Shanghai. With constant exploration and innovation, we have created the precious lofty and vigorous character.

With the rapid development of the cause, it’s very pleasing to see that almost a hundred thousand alumni both at home and abroad are working hard in their respective fields, exhibiting their talents and making achievements frequently. They not only made contributions to society, but also earned reputation for their Alma Mater. Carrying great concern and love, they support the construction and development of their alma mater in various ways. The glorious tradition of loving, flourishing and prospering our university has come into being, which shows their pure feelings toward the alma mater.

Alumni are beautiful cards and precious wealth of their alma mater. Moreover, they are the most reliable and the most important force that the alma mater can trust and rely on. Practice has proved that yesterday's development is inseparable from the wisdom and spirit of alumni heritage, and tomorrow's growth requires more of alumni's attention and enthusiasm. As an eternal spiritual home for the alumni, alma mater will provide strong backing to support their development.

Over the years, SUES Alumni Association has always adhered to the aim of serving alumni, serving the community and serving the society. It has become the bridge connecting the alumni, alma mater and society. With the spirit of serving the alumni and mutual assistance, we will work to build a harmonious, friendly home online to share new knowledge. The website provides us with a platform to enhance communication and strengthen ties, which will greatly promote the construction of organizations and lay a good foundation for future development.

 Dear alumni, the path has been paved, and the clarion call has been issued. Let's join hands to seek truth, innovate and develop together. With our progress and pursuit, and with our hard work and achievements, let's add honor to the era, enhance bright for our life, and make greater contributions to the development of our alma mater!

              Chairman of SUES Alumni Association


        Ding Xiao-dong 

July 14th, 2014